Thursday, September 16, 2010

Help Support DEPAC

If you’re like most people, you want to support the causes that are important to you. However these days, it can be difficult to find the money or the time. That’s why the Delphonse Education and Performing Arts Center (DEPAC) is so excited to be a member and participant organization of the “Compass for Your Cause” program. Through Compass for Your Cause, you’ll be able to support DPEAC even more by doing something you do virtually every day, use your check card for everyday purchases.

Here’s how it works:

1. Open a new BBVA Compass checking account and tell your BBVA Compass Banker to apply our organization code 83717. BBVA Compass will pay us a royalty of $50 for your account opening by October 30, 2010.

2. Apply for a BBVA Compass Visa Check Card tied to your account. BBVA Compass will pay us a royalty of 0.25% of the purchase amount of every signature-based purchase you make with your card. You can even personalize your Check Card with a special DEPAC design to show your support.

How the funds add up:


100 of DEPAC's friends and members enroll in the program and open checking accounts:

100 x $50 = $5,000 in initial royalty payments

Over the course of one year, you each make an average of $500 in qualifying Check Card purchases.

$500 x 12 months = $6,000 a year

$6,000 x 0.25% = $15

$15 x 100 members = $1,500

$5,000 + 1,500 = $6,500

How to get started:

1. Open a BBVA Compass checking account when BBVA Compass visits us onsite, or at any BBVA Compass Banking Center, or by calling 1–800-COMPASS. When you open your account, be sure to include DEPAC's five-digit code 83717.

2. Apply for a BBVA Compass Visa® Check Card. Once the card arrives, visit us online at to personalize your card.

3. Start using your check card! Just make sure you sign for purchases or hit "credit" when you use it, so your purchases will qualify for this program. If you are already a BBVA Compass customer, simply tell your banker to update your account to include our organization’s code 83717. You can also do this by calling 1-800-COMPASS

To get started, connect your current accounts and for more information on the program and policies, visit:

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