Friday, August 12, 2011

Into the FCAT 2.0

As we enter a new school year our children face a new set of challenges. Some of these kids were currently behind grade level in reading or math now find even more difficult to catch up to today's standards. One of the biggest changes has been the move from FCAT to FCAT 2.0. This is a newer version of the original Florida standardized test and it contains more in-depth and complex information than its predecessor. How can our students perform better on this new one when the old one was never mastered? The education gap only seems to be getting wider.
We at DEPAC feel that there is still hope and for that reason we have committed ourselves to working with kids in north Jacksonville. We've updated to a new interactive curriculum to help our participants not only get better with testing but actually learn the information. We've also extended our operating hours to provide more help on homework and provide more opportunities through structured out of school activities. DEPAC has taken a renewed vow to help our kids in north Jacksonville, Fl and we understand that it may not solve the entire problem but is definitely a step in the right direction.

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